Welcome to Blaze!


About Ron Kraemer:

Blaze is owned and operated by Ron Kraemer, a lifelong Oceanside resident, NYC Fire Department Lieutenant, and father of four. Ron is the head coach of the Mepham Girls lacrosse team and prior to joining Mepham, he was part of the Herricks Boys lacrosse staff.

Ron has over 20 years of coaching experience and started coaching Oceanside Stallions Football before he had his own children, and even was the Commissioner of the League.  He is still an Oceanside Stallions coach and Board of Director.  He is currently the Co-President of Oceanside PAL youth lacrosse.  He has coached youth lacrosse, football, softball and baseball.

Ron majored in physical education in college and played college lacrosse where he was part of a National Championship team.  Ron plays on the FDNY Lacrosse team and played lacrosse in the World Police and Fire Olympic Games in New York City in August 2011 where his FDNY team won the Bronze medal.

He is a certified US Lacrosse coach and Positive Coaching Alliance certified. Ron keeps current on new coaching techniques by attending training, research and working with students regularly. Ron’s passion for coaching shows in his one-on-one, small group and larger group training sessions. His goals include teaching the proper techniques so that the students can practice correctly on their own and helping each individual student to reach his/her own potential, all while having fun.

Why we created Blaze:

Ron always wanted to be a teacher and a coach and chose that path in college. He also followed the path of his grandfather and became a Rockville Centre volunteer fireman and learned that he loved firefighting as well. He took the NYC fire department test and earned a perfect score. He chose firefighting as a career and never looked back, but always kept his coaching passion alive by volunteer coaching whenever he could. He remembers the impact that positive coaches had on his life and he truly believes that the skills you learn when on a team transcend in all aspects of work and family life. Ron decided it was a time to reach more students through  the creation of Blaze.

"Hard work without talent is a shame, talent without hard work is a tragedy.”

"The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual.”

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal. It's courage that counts.”